DHEA The Youthful Supplement!

DHEA Supplements May Bring You Back to DHEA Young Adult Levels. Is it the Fountain of Youth?

What is DHEA? DHEA is an endogenous steroid hormone. What does endogenous mean? It means that DHEA is made naturally by the body spurring specific tissues or cells into action. DHEA studies also show that it can increase the body’s ability to transform food into energy and burn off excess fat.  It may also help with chronic inflammation which is known have a significant role in the development of diseases of aging and longevity: heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and certain types of cancer. 

My boyfriend takes DHEA to help with adrenal stress and the bonus is it helps with his sexual function. We all age and our bodies are probably never going work like they did in our thirties. A little help can mean a lot. I did some reading about DHEA and discovered the some of the ladies in the Fashion Industry were taking it for their skin. When I read that it could make your friends think you looked years younger, even a decade or more, I started taking it for my skin. My skin has a lot more moisture than it did before and as an added benefit it can also helps with post-menopausal vaginal dryness.

james and sheree I won’t go so far as to say I look 20 years younger but then I look pretty good for my 61 years already. If you would like to order some DHEA or other supplements please follow the links included here. Of course you can order DHEA and other supplements from your favorite supplier as well. We hope we might become your favorite because we want you to know that we are a Vitabase Affiliate and earn a referral fee for every supplement our followers order through our custom links.

We have read a lot of studies and websites about DHEA, as well as spoken with our Doctors and our Naturopath before we decided we wanted to try taking DHEA. Everyone should speak with their Doctor before taking a new supplements. It is also important to read the research and other documentation. Only you and your Doctor can decide what is best for you.

According to Dr. Axe: When it comes to DHEA and DHEA supplements, you may immediately think of bodybuilders. That’s because DHEA (technically, dehydroepiandrosterone) is considered a “pro-hormone” tied to longevity, lean muscle mass and a strong body.

The truth is we all (men and women) naturally create DHEA in our bodies — the hormone plays a role in more than 150 different metabolic functions. In fact, it’s one of the most abundant hormones in the human body! The adrenal glands are the primary producers of naturally occurring DHEA, but men also secrete it from their testes. Once produced, your body converts it to several other hormones, including androstenedione and several sex hormones, earning it the nick name “the parent hormone.”

Dhea what is it? According to Wikipedia, “Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), also known as androstenolone, is an endogenous steroid hormone. It is one of the most abundant circulating steroids in humans, in whom it is produced in the adrenal glands.”It’s healthy alternative to taking testosterone. Many men turn to T as testosterone is referred to as. Taking Testosterone, or T, has been suspected to cause cancer.​ Image By NEUROtiker – Own work, Public Domain, Link

Looking for alternatives, in the sea of snake oil solutions, one man we know went to Doctor of Naturopathy. After the sting this man found out that his DHEA was low. He was told low DHEA is a precursor to low testosterone. He had been under a lot of stress and anxiety. According to studies DHEA can help with anxiety.

His naturopath told him he was suffering from adrenal stress.He started taking it for his well being. His experience with this supplement was that it helped him to not be so grouchy. He felt that not getting it up is was a good enough reason for be grouchy. It’s traumatic the first time you experience bad performance. You have been making love and having sex on a regular basis with no issues.Then one day you go placid and get squeezed out like a limp slug.

DHEA is not expensive since. Only $10.99 for 100 capsules. That is over 3 months worth. Who wouldn’t want to spend $3 a month to live a more joyful life? Many people turn to the little blue pill, Viagra to enhance performance and help with ED. This man found that, while he still liked the little blue pill for longer love making sessions, the DHEA helped him with erections after taking it for just 3 to 5 days (Please keep in mind each individual may have different results).

This faithful user of DHEA said there is nothing like waking up with your member standing proud once again. When he runs out of the DHEA he sees a difference in his drive so he makes sure he does not run out! We wanted to share this story to encourage other men to consult their doctors and get their DHEA levels checked. If you find out a DHEA supplement might help you please remember you can order it from Vitabase through our affiliate link – click here. We believe you have already been grant permission to live a joyful life and are excited to offer useful ingredients to enhance your love for life.

DHEA,.. can convert to either testosterone or estrogen; it reaches its peak when we’re in our 20’s and then performs a dramatic disappearing act as we age. After we hit 30, our DHEA levels drop about 10 percent every 10 years. Nobody knows why the hormone declines with age or even whether the drop is harmful or helpful. Scientists see two rather contradictory possibilities: Either our bodies make less DHEA as a defense against aging or the DHEA shortage causes many of aging’s effects.

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  • DHEA supplements promote DHEA levels, which naturally decline with age. Supplements can increase longevity.
  • DHEA can help with ED
  • DHEA may promote sugar metabolism to energy.
  • DHEA can support general health
  • Suggested Dose is 1 50 mg dose daily

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