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Find Your New Direction

The Emerald Blue experience is a mindset. Our breakthrough program 17 Seconds to Launch; Fine-Tuning Your Wayfinding Skills Using The Law of Attraction™  begins with understanding your true worth, becoming your more authentic self, and learning how to manifest what you want. You too can find your new direction! Web Consultant Sheree Lincoln and Jaye Barends CFP®, can help you reach your goals. Our money mindset coaching and web coaching can help you navigate the sea of technology and choices to help you arrive safely at your desired destination.

Mindset Coaching

Feeling...lost, without direction and clarity, being tossed around by the winds of change can leave you feeling stressed. The economy is changing and what you want is changing. Don't get SHIPWRECKED! This is truly a time to have experienced guides by your side, helping you make the scary changes with confidence and clarity. Jaye and Sheree can help guide you past the obstacles that are standing in the way of your biggest dreams.

Web Consulting

The Emerald Blue Coaching System™ programs were created for people who don’t want to walk the plank without a life ring! If you don’t want to be eaten by the sharks then you will need some specific skills and a vibrant marketing plan. Web Consultant, Sheree, is here to guide you by sharing some awesome web design skills and help you discover the marketing direction you need to reach your goals.

We Can Help You Launch Your Biggest Dreams in 17 Seconds!

Jaye is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, CFP® helping her clients navigate the vast sea of choices and arrive safely at their desired financial destinations. She is also a rock star mindset coach here to help clear the obstacles in the way of your biggest dreams. Sheree is enjoying her biggest dreams living on a sailboat. She divides her time between navigating the sea of technology as a Web Consultant for a select group of clients and giving paddle boarding lessons and tours, where she safely navigates the tides and weather for her customers. You too can find your new direction and Sheree and Jaye can help you chart a course to reach your goals.

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Next Steps...

Yes, if you have a couple of questions, just email Jaye at and chat by email. If you are ready to schedule a breakthrough call with Jaye visit this link to her calendar: Visit Jaye's Calendar Click Here.