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Our Approach

Our Approach

Jaye Barends CFP® along with her friend,  Artist and Web Designer Sheree Lincoln, are both paddle boarders, creative people and entrepreneurs. They have combined their skills to offer Mindset Coaching, Web Consulting and a line of adventure wear featuring the compass rose.

Our Story

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Our Story

“We are life enthusiasts and creative entrepreneurs who met in 2008. We noticed synchronicities in our life journeys right away! We both grew up in Connecticut, owned farms and worked in multi-million dollar brokerage firms from Wall Street to Main Street. At the time we met we both owned gift shops and art galleries in a quaint mid western town and realized we both had embraced the concept of “manifesting your destiny”. We soon realized we both love the water! We are happiest on the water whether it be boating, paddle boarding, sailing or just taking in a gorgeous sunset over our favorite lakes or ocean! A decade later, we combined our talents and experience and was launched! We are excited to be able to offer you our insights and talents! We are thrilled to be sharing this journey with you!” -- Jaye and Sheree

Meet the Team

Why? Because we believe people want to know who they're doing business with. It's a human thing.
-- Jaye Barends CFP® and Sheree Lincoln Web Consultant & Paddle Board Coach


Jacqueline "Jaye" Barends

Co Founder & Money Mindset Guide

Jaye's blog, shares her experiences about discovering that she already has permission to live a joyful life.  She recently completed a triathlon sporting event and a few years ago completed her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®, (CFP®) designation. Jaye can create a financial portfolio that rocks! She also loves helping people clear away the blocks that prevent them from launching their dreams using the law of attraction, the Universal Laws and more!

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Sheree Lincoln

Co Founder  & Web Consultant  & Coach

Sheree's paddleboard adventure businesses, Sea Dog Eco Tours helps her guests enjoy the balance and freedom that stand up paddleboarding brings from guided tours with instruction to world travel paddle adventures. Sheree has been working on the Web for over 20 years and is a reseller of GoDaddy Services. Her website hosting and domain licensing services are available at She loves coaching others on how to develop their own businesses online.

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