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EmeraldBlue.us is an online store and blog where you can find legendary ingredients to enhance your life. Emerald Blue was started by two women who love to travel, live active lives and encourage others to embrace a joyful life. What's your joy? Share it on our Facebook Group. Link coming soon.

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We like to sell what we use to enhance our lives and stay energized. Life gets so busy not everyone has time to sort out all the options.  The useful ingredients we have included here, work for us. Whether you buy products through our online store or read our Blog to learn more about our favorite products, we welcome you to explore!

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Whether you are traveling to your favorite childhood vacation spot or exploring new and exotic places around the world, it's more fun to have the right gear, travel light and be ready for anything!  At Emerald Blue we will be selling everything from yoga pants to tech gear.

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Legendary Ingredients!

At EmeraldBlue.us we sell legendary ingredients to enhance your life. What are the ingredients for Life? From the largest elephant to the smallest sea creature, life takes dramatically different forms yet we are all built from the same six essential elemental ingredients: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur (CHNOPS). We love that connection among creatures and embrace the great adventure life provides at every turn.

People ask us, "But what do you actually sell?",  we respond,  "Whatever cool stuff we find and love that helps us live a full life." What makes our online store unique is that we search for gear, clothing, books, supplements and other ingredients that when added to our daily lives helps us be more vibrant, more active and more content.

We are old enough to know what is comfortable to wear, what gives us more energy and what makes us feel more joy in the moments we have. We each steer our own ship and find our own direction. We decided it was time to share the cool things that help us enjoy our lives more, in hopes that they will help you too. Read more on our About Us Page - click here.


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