Navigating Life

⚓ Feeling stuck behind obstacles in your path in this changing economy? ⛵ Are you frustrated trying to navigate the sea technology? With the right navigator the unexpected winds of change can take you in the right direction. Mindset Coach Jaye Barends, CFP® and Sheree Lincoln, Web Consulting Coach, focus on using the law of attraction and technical skills to help people launch their biggest dreams.

Our Coaching Philosophy

The Emerald Blue Blog

Emerald Blue is a blog  written by two women who love to travel, live active lives and want to encourage others to embrace a joyful life.  On the Into The Emerald Blue Blog they share articles about useful things. What makes their recommendations unique is that they search for gear, clothing, books, supplements and other ingredients that, when added to ones daily lives, help us be more vibrant, more active and more content.

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Adventure Wear

Get in the Flow is the theme for The Emerald Blue Mindset line of clothing. Whether you are traveling to your favorite childhood vacation spot or exploring new and exotic places around the world, it's more fun to have the right gear, travel light and be ready for anything!  Stay tuned we have designed a line of clothing featuring the Compass Rose nautical themed leggings, skirts, tops and other fun active wear and will be selling them on Amazon and Etsy.

Launch Your Dreams

The Emerald Blue Mindset!

Life is an adventure. We all chose our own journeys. The Emerald Blue mindset is about embracing our love for water, enjoying our journeys and attracting abundance using 17 Seconds to launch your biggest dreams. With our Compose Rose Adventure Wear Collection and coaching you can be ready for anything!

Our Blog is just in it's infancy, like the tiniest sea creature. Over time we will be posting about things that we like to use on our adventures and in our daily lives and share our experiences and recommendations about them in our blog. We think of them as ingredients to enhance our lives not unlike the legendary ingredients for life. What are the ingredients for Life?  Life takes dramatically different forms yet we are all built from the same six essential elemental ingredients: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur (CHNOPS). This is true from the largest elephant, the dolphin and even the smallest sea creature. We love that connection among creatures and embrace the great adventure life provides at every turn.

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